Welfare Donation Caring for Orphans

2017-11-27 18:18:14

Welfare Donation Caring for Orphans

On Nov. 25th 2017, together with some other companies, Zhengzhou Joda Technology Co. Ltd. visited Zhengzhou Institute For Children’ Welfare and donated necessities including diapers and books.

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We will never forget our social responsibility during the high development of the company. Not only we make continuous contributions by ourselves, but also call and inspire others to feedback more warmth to our society together.

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We believe that as long as everyone and every enterprise contribute a little bit of power, a little of love and help, this is also a kind of support. The trickle of warmth will eventually flow into the sea of love. Zhengzhou Juda Technology Co., Ltd. hopes that this event can arouse more people's attention to orphans and disabled children.

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