German company purchasing representative visited our company

2017-08-11 18:34:34

August 9th, 2017, a German company purchasing representative visited our company for 2 days, to discuss cooperation matters, it’s one of the Germany's largest manufacturer of aluminum smelter machine in German,and There are branches around the world. By visiting to the factory workshop, our company introduced the details of the workers and the process, the German company representatives show highly praise, and hope to reach a long-term cooperation relationship, mutual benefit and win-win situation with our company. Through the meeting, the German company and our company discuss the production details and product designed, and finally signed a successful contract .


German company purchasing representative visited our company .jpg


At site, the German customers to play their national unique rigorous work attitude, asked many details about the production of parts.


At site,the German customers asked many details.jpg


During the period, the engineers were introduced in detail about the production process and the production process, the conditions of use, the operation effect, the working environment and other related products of our company's main production equipment.


During the period,.jpg

German customers on the Zhengzhou Jiuda Technology Co., Ltd. good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere, hard work of the staff left a deep impression.


Finally, the two sides had a friendly negotiation, the German customers said that I would like to establish a long-term cooperation with our company, hope that the electrolytic aluminum production equipment in the anode busbar frame in the anode clamp can be produced in pairs, the demand for lift cylinder, Technically make some technical adjustments. German customers came to promote the friendly cooperation and exchanges between the two sides, deepen the friendship between the two sides, common development and common progress.


Finally, the two sides had a friendly negotiation.jpg


Through the negotiations, the German customers have a more comprehensive understanding about the process of the production of the anode jacking frame. For the future in-depth cooperation laid the foundation, hope and the company to establish long-term stable relations of cooperation. The success of the German customer docking, marking our company has taken a solid step in the German market development process !

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