Anode Yoke Is Widely Used In Electrolytic Aluminum Industry

2017-07-07 15:17:06

Anode Yoke Is Widely Used In Electrolytic Aluminum Industry

Anode yoke is widely used in electrolytic aluminum industry.There are several types of claws, such as parallel three claws, four claws, stereoscopic four claws, six claws, eight claws, double anode steel claw etc.

Anode Yoke  Electrolytic Aluminum Industry

Making Principle

Equipped with physical and chemical measurement and quick analysis lab before ladle, refining by electric arc furnace (or intermediate frequency furnace) and adding the rare earth, all these ensure the lowest air and impurities content in the molten steel, which achieves good conductivity. By advanced dry sand compaction negative pressure (LOST FOAM) environmental casting process, the anode steel claw gets the qualified dimensions, smooth surfaces, good internal organization, free of sand holes, slag inclusion, cracks, porosity and shrinkage defect.

In electrolytic aluminum industry, it is used to be fixed the anode carbon block.


1. Tight Tolerance

2. Fine Surface Finish

3. Long Life Expectancy

4. Short Lead Time

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