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Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment

  • Price:US $300,000-750,000/Set
  • Supply Ability:100 Set/Sets per Year supercritical extraction equipment
  • Port::Shanghai/Qingdao/Tianjin
  • Capacity::100L-20T
  • Supercritical fluid CO₂ technology is a new and clean isolation technology, which exploits the special dissolving capacity of CO₂ and target substance under supercritical condition by controlling CO₂ pressure, temperature, etc.

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The supercritical CO2 extraction plant is three extractor two separator SCFE device, the working medium is CO2, which can be reused. The extract, separate pressure and temperature can be automatic and remote controlled by computer. The extractors can work with the way of series, parallel and single. The series valves on the import and export of each extractor can be manual controlled, the highest working pressure control method of each extractor during working is by the use of pressure transmitter, safety valve and control signals. It is safety and reliable. The extractor cover of this plant uses hydraulic pressure quick opening structure. The metal contact with material of this plant, such as container inner surface, pipe, valve and so on. All of them are manufactured with stainless steel which has the characters of anti-sour and anti-alkali and satisfy food hygiene demand.

supercritical extraction equipment
supercritical co2 extraction equipment 

Equipment composition

The equipment is composed of CO2 supply system, extraction and separation system, CO2 circulation system, clean system, co-solvent system, cold water circulation system, hot water circulation system, steel platform, control system, tail gas recovery system, and so on.

Technical parameters:

No. Name Specification Quantity Note
1 Extractor(with quick-open structure) design pressure 3 the contact material with water, CO2, and extraction product are stainless steel.
2 Separator design pressure 2
3 CO2 loop tank design pressure 1
4 Condenser design pressure 100bar 1
5 cold and hot water tank 3 m3 1 each stainless steel
6 CO2 outside pump 100bar/rated flow900L/h, output pressure 100bar 1 the contact material is stainless steel
Essential oil extraction equipment
Essential oil


  •  Environmental protection
  • Extraction product improve the health
  • Improve the food safety
  • Low viscosity and high air permeability
  • Excellent solubility with similar liquid density



ArtemisiaazadirachtinNutmeg Extraction Equipment

               Herba Artemisiae Annuage->Abrotine                                                   Neem ->Azadirachtin                                    Nutmeg -> Nutmeg essential oil



Food Industry:

tea supercritical extraction equipmentfish vinetomato peel

                                Tea -> Caffeine                                                                     Fish vine -> Rotenone                                   Tomato peel -> Lycopene



Cosmetic Essence/Spices:

honeysuckle extraction equipmentpyrethroidschrysanthemum Extraction Equipment

                               Honeysuckle -> Honeysuckle oil                                 Pyrethrum -> Pyrethroids                                   Chrysanthemum -> Chrysanthemum oil




curcumin extraction equipmentlecithingarlic Extraction Equipment

                              Turmeric -> Curcumin                                                           Yolk -> Lecithin                                                                  Garlic -> Garlic oil




anise extraction equipmentcelerywheat germ

                   Anise -> Star anise oil concentratic                                 Celery -> Celery oil                                                         Wheat germ -> Wheat germ oil


Comparison with traditional extraction technology


traditional extraction technology

Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction


Solvent residue

NO Solvent residue


Solubility can not be changed

By changing the pressure and temperature, we can achieve changes in solubility


Under the influence of high temperature, heat-sensitive substances are destroyed

The extraction takes place at low temperatures and the material will not be destroyed


Few choice of solvents

Wide selection (solubility controllable (pressure-temperature))


An extra method is needed to separate the solvent

The separation is simple and efficient without any residue


Most solvents are unsafe and contaminate the environment

Ecological safety, does not affect the environment


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