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Anode Jacking Frame

  • Price:$150,000 / set
  • Remote Control:HBCFST 510-1
  • Air Booster:400 L ~ 600 L
  • Application:Pot 160 KA ~ 660 KA
  • The automatic anode jacking frame, known as the busbar lifting frame, is used to lift the anode busbar periodically.

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The automatic anode jacking frame, known as beam riser fixture, is used to lift the anode busbar periodically. The automatic anode jacking frame is regularly lifted by the PTM to the area above the pot. The frame-equipped devices are handled by remote control for operations such as clamping of anode rods, getting close to the anode busbar, release of grabs, etc. The anode jacking frame is used when the bus bar has reached its lower limit. It clamps the anodes into position while freeing the bus bar, allowing it to be raised.

Anode Jacking Frame Structure


The aluminium smelter equipment consists of the frame, anode grabs, hydraulic station, lifting beams, landing legs, ground supports, etc. All anode grabs springs are installed with the same height and travel distance to ensure the synchronization of all clamps actions.

Zhengzhou Joda is the professional supplier of the automatic anode jacking frames. Our frames has exported to Malaysia, and also made positive opinion to German clients.


Technical Parameters(400KA Pot e.g.):




Hydraulic Station

Pot Shell:

KA160 ~ KA 660


Allen-Bradey or Mitsubishi 

Power supply:

three phase 380V 50Hz

Anode Number:


Remote Control:

HBCFST 510-1


< 25kW

Clamp force:

≥ 35456N

Air Booster:

400 L

Hydraulic oil :

Fire resistant hydraulic oil

anode jacking frame parts details
Joda anode jacking frame


  • 65 Experiences
  • 1:2 Air Amplifier
  • Full Remote Control
  • Patented Design
  • Significant Energy Saving
  • Turn-Key Solutions


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