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Metal Aluminum Fibre

  • Price::$15,000 ~ 62,000/Ton, price depends on the aluminum fiber diameter size
  • Diameter: :50-200μm
  • Length: :More than 50mm
  • Supply Ability: :5 Ton/Tons per Month Metal Aluminium Fibre

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  Our metal Aluminum fibers and processed products are with diameters ranging from 20 to 80 micron, available in various alloys, such as stainless steel, high temperature resistant alloys, Titanium, Aluminum and Copper. They are made by our unique tech-nology Coil Shaving Method.  Due to this technology we are able to provide suitable products to our customers various requirements such as Webs, Textiles, Fiber tows and panel. Its main performance is antistatic function, electromagnetic shielding function, conduction, heat conduction function, sound insulation function.

Aluminum fibers
The sample of Aluminum Fibres 

Product analysis:

  Implementation: A wide range of applications, can be applied to aerospace, aviation, transportation, vehicles, machinery, construction and other industries.

  Product Features: Aluminum fiber has the advantages of environmental protection, general performance of aluminum, light weight, decay resistance, high modulus, large surface area, sound insulation and sound absorption, shock absorption, heat insulation and recyclable.

  Feasibility: There are two kinds of aluminum fiber production process.

  First, the cutting method. Rough workmanship, poor flexibility and corrosion resistance, can not meet the high quality requirements.

Technical parameters:





Tensile strength


The yield strength




Aluminum Fibres
Metal Aluminum Fibre Panel


  • Light weight and decay resistance
  • High modulus, large surface area
  • Sound insulation sound absorption
  • Shock absorption
  • Heat insulation
  • Recyclable


Aerospace fieldCar engineMetal Aluminum Fibre Panel in High-speed noise reduction


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