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Industrial Pipe Insulation

Industrial pipe insulation When determining insulation in industrial pipe applications several factors need to be considered. Two basic considerations are to choose the right product for your needs and determine the appropriate insulation thickness to

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Industrial pipe insulation
When determining insulation in industrial pipe applications, several factors need to be considered. Two basic considerations are to choose the right product for your needs and determine the appropriate insulation thickness to get the optimum performance and product efficiency. Thermal loss through various industrial pipe always is a significant source of wasted energy in the world industrial sector. Therefore, it is especially important to use suitable industrial pipe insulation materials to reduce heat loss, protect assets, and ensurt environmental and emission compliance.

Industrial pipe insulation

Pipeline Insulation materials Types
Traditional pipe insulation employs mineral wool, fiberglass, calcium silicate, perlite, and various foams. Annular shrouds of these materials are tightly wrapped around steam pipes and clad with sheet metal. In recent years, through significant research and development, Joda Technology co., LTD brings a disruptive product to industrial pipe insulation - flexible aerogel insulation blankets. As a highly efficient insulation material Aerogel blankets can help reduce these losses when wrapped around hot piping, vessels, and equipment. This breakthrough technology provides the equivalent insulating properties of conventional insulation but with two to five times less material.
Thickness Comparison of Areogel's Insulation vs. Conventional Insulation with Equivalent Insulation Properties

Aerogel insulation blankets

High temperature pipe insulation - Aerogel blankets 
The soft and easy-to-form properties make the aerogel blankets suitable for industrial pipe insulation of various diameters. Generally, it can be used for temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C), and its extremely low thermal conductivity(about 0.016W(m.k)) offers superior performance while saving space. And its hydrophobic rate can reach 99% under normal temperature,  hydrophobic yet vapor-permeable design of Aerogel insulation minimizes the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI). Protecting assets against corrosion by choosing the right insulation can have significant payback in terms of both cost and safety. 

Pipe insulation

As the best pipe insulation our aerogel insulation has the following advantages:
(1). Efficiency. Possesses a very low thermal conductivity and thickness compared with conventional insulation materials.
(2). Material Savings. Reduces the amount of material needed to achieve the same insulation value as bulkier traditional insulation.
(3). long-lasting, reliable, durable, and thermally efficient insulation
(4). environmentally-friendly
(5). CFC-free flexible elastomeric thermal insulation
(6). provides additional protection against corrosion, mold, fungal and bacterial growth
(7). tough skin exterior withstands tearing and severe environmental conditions

Hydrophobic aerogel blankets

Other services
We can also make pipe insulation jackets according to your insulation requires, such as car exhaust pipe insulation. 
Contact us today to learn how Pyrogel can help to ensure long-term reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and protect power generating assets.
Please inquire today about how our aerogel insulation blankets secures long-term reliability, reduces maintenance costs, and protects industrial pipe.

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