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Internal Wall Insulation

Aerogel insulation blanket has a service life of 15-20 years even with the same life as the building and the insulation performance will not decrease.

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Residents of many houses and apartments are unhappy with their homes. In winter it is cold, damp in the room. We have to use wall insulation materials. Molds appear on the walls. The most effective way then is to insulate the outer walls. But sometimes the thermal insulation of the dwelling from the outside is not possible. In this case, the walls are insulated from the inside.
When it is impossible to insulate external walls
Outside wall insulation is prohibited if the house is an architectural monument.
The facade of your home is of historical value.
Nobody will allow you to close the sculpture decoration and other decor with foam plates.
In some cities, authorities impose bans on external insulation of buildings in the central districts of the city.
Sometimes external walls are located inconvenient, for example, between houses.
Warming them is simply impossible physically due to lack of space.
Some apartments, whose walls are adjacent to the elevator shafts, also can not be insulated from the outside.

Internal wall insulation

What is the benefits of internal wall insulation?
Wall insulation will significantly increase the level of comfort;
The walls can hold more heat inside the room. You will significantly reduce the cost of heating rooms in the cold season;
Interior wall insulation is also capable of reducing the humidity level. And in fact elevated humidity not only adversely affects tenants, it is also detrimental to the building itself.
Challenges of internal insulation
Some factors must be considered in the house insulation, such as the thermal conductivity of the insulation materials, gas permeability, density, biostability, and so on. Internal wall insulation is no exception, the most important of which is gas permeability. Everyone knows that if the insulation of the interior wall is not breathable, there will often be a problem with dew point. That is the place where the moisture from the warm air of the room begins to condense, is transferred even closer to the inner edge of the wall or to its surface. In this case, condensate will inevitably lead to dampness and destruction of the wall and decoration layer, deterioration of the thermal properties of the insulation material and, as a result, again the heat losses will be high and, in addition, even greater humidity. Most of all destruction from dampness will be at the brick walls. Excess moisture leads to the appearance of mold and fungus on the walls, the ceiling, and sometimes on the floor. 

Mold and fungus on the walls
Best insulation for interior walls - aerogel insulation
Since insulating walls from inside does not always getting the best results, fortunately, some experts offer new option for insulation - aerogel insulationFirst of all, aerogel blanket is made by compounding Silica aerogel and fiberglass or ceramic fiber as the basal. It has excellent insulation property, surface hydrophobicity and flame retardant property. Because silica aerogels have a nano-three-dimensional structure, our aerogel insulation felts have good gas permeability. No deformation or performance degradation even in long-term humidity or high temperature environments. 
Secondly, the thermal conductivity of aerogel insulation is low, about 0.016W(m.k). Its insulation effect is 3-5 times that of traditional insulation materials, which can save valuable internal space.
Then, this insulation materials do not burn(A-level non-combustible), help prevent fires. Even if it is in direct contact with the flame, will not produce smoke. Moreover, this is also a good soundproof material.
Finally, our aerogel blankets in rolls, easy to transport, cut and install.

Hydrophobic and breathable aerogel insulation

Internal wall insulation cost
Possibly, in the early stage The use of aerogel felts for internal wall insulation costs is higher than conventional insulation, but the excellent performance of aerogels will allow you to save more energy costs and bring more comfort in the future. In addition, our aerogel insulation blanket has a service life of 15-20 years, even with the same life as the building, and the insulation performance will not decrease.

Aerogel blanket for interior wall insulation

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