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Intelligent Ladle Cleaning Workstation

Joda has independently developed a set of mature intelligent ladle cleaning workstations. Our residue recovery system is very good at cleaning the ladles crushing screening and separating the aluminum slag re-melting and casting aluminum ingots int

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Product description
A variety of by-products are produced during the aluminum smelting and molding process. As a major by-product of the aluminum industry, aluminum ash is produced in the process of melting aluminum and the aluminum content accounts for about 1 to 12% of the total loss during the production of aluminum. In the past, people used aluminum slag as a waste residue, which caused not only waste of aluminum resources but also environmental problems. Therefore, finding a cost-effective way to utilize and control aluminum slag will not only improve the economic benefits of the aluminum industry, but also achieve an important impact on the sustainable development of the economy and society while realizing the effective recycling of resources.

Intelligent ladle cleaning workstation
Zhengzhou Joda technology co., LTD., as one of the main electrolytic aluminum equipment manufacturers in China, has independently developed a set of mature intelligent ladle cleaning workstations, namely the residue recovery system, through a large number of on-the-spot investigations. Our residue recovery system is very good at cleaning the ladles, crushing, screening and separating the aluminum slag, re-melting and casting aluminum ingots into a whole.

Working principle
Aluminum slag collected by the ladle cleaning machine can be collected through the hopper, and then processed by the aluminum-ash separating machine and the unseparated cold aluminum-ash can go through the crushing, screening and melting processes. Until cast into finished aluminum ingots, so that aluminum ash treatment is quite clean. The whole process of stirring and cold slag breaking is carried out in a dustproof and airtight environment. The dust collecting chamber is set on the equipment to collect the smoke, and the smoke is drawn into the dust removal system through the pipe. The system realizes the recycling of aluminum residue and turns waste into treasure.

1. Ladle Cleaning and Slag Recycling are all in one system
2. Tailor-made design is available for different clients
3. Automatic controlled,simple operated with reliable performance, labour consumption can be minimized
4. Turns slags into Al ingots with Zero Solid Waste Discharge and greatly increases net profit



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