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Point Feeder and crust breaker

Brushless type constant volume feeder is a new type products based on Brush type.

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Brushless type constant volume feeder is a new type products based on Brush type. It can easily solve the problems caused by the old one. Constant volume feeder in our factory can apply to production of electrolytic aluminum conveniently, and achieve timing, quantitative unmanned automatic feeding. The effect of fluoride salts which have light proportion and high viscosity is more obvious.


  • Strong hardness
  • Long service life
  • Good permeability
  • High temperature resistance

Technical Parameters
Types name Bar type Cylinder type
Model JDX180G JDX180T
Rated volume
1.6kg 1.8kg
1.6kg 1.8kg
Pressed air pressure 0.6MPa 0.6MPa

point feeder

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