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Pot Shell

The pot shell is the steel containers forming the outside of the crucible.

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The pot shell is the steel containers forming the outside of the crucible. It is a high quality welded structure, consisting essentially of a steel plate shell, transverse. 

cradles which stiffen the sides and the bottom and a horizontal brace which stiffens the ends. The potshell also serves as a support for the superstructure, the concrete working floor slabs and the hooding.

We carry on strict Production Monitoring for best quality. Weekly Progress Reports / Monthly Progress Reports will be submitted to our clients for monitoring the production and delivering progress. Our production principles are to follow industrial, mechanical, automatic production mode with specified production procedures. 
Constant inspection and monitor guarantee the best quality within defined delivery time.

  • Top Welding Quality;
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Maximum service life;
  • Exported to Europe
Technical Parameters
Model JDS___CK
Operating Current Intensity 160 KA ~ 660 KA
Material High Quality Carbon Steel or Alloy Steel as per Drawing
Thickness of the plates 8mm-16mm


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