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5L+1L Small Laboratory Supercritical Extraction Equipment

5L+1L Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment.Supercritical fluid CO2 technology is a new and clean isolation technology which exploits the special dissolving capacity of CO2 and target substance under supercritical condition by controlling CO2 pressu

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    Stainless Steel 304/316
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    12 Months
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We have 5L+1L CO2 extraction equipment accord with UL, CSA, ASME certified, Payment term is FOB.

Supercritical fluid CO2 technology is a new and clean isolation technology, which exploits the special dissolving capacity of CO2 and target substance under supercritical condition by controlling CO2 pressure, temperature, etc., to dissolve and isolate target substance. Compared with other traditional processes, it shows incomparable advantages, such as, using inert gas as solvent, cheap and easily accessible; pollution-free and environment-friendly; simple process; no residue of chemical solvent in target substance which guarantees the quality of target product.
Product features 
A supercritical fluid CO2 extraction and chemical extraction 
(1) It can be extracted at near room temperature (35-40 C) and in the presence of CO2, effectively preventing the oxidation and escape of heat-sensitive substances. Therefore, all the components of the medicinal plant are maintained in the extract, and the high boiling point, low volatilization and pyrolytic substance can be extracted at the boiling point temperature. 
(2) the use of SFE is the most clean extraction method, because the whole process does not use organic solvents, so the extract has no residual solvent, and it also prevents the poisoning of the human body and the pollution of the environment. It is a pure natural 100%.
(3) the combination of extraction and separation is one. When the dissolved substance CO2-SCF flows through the separator, the CO2 and the extract quickly become two phases (gas-liquid separation) due to the pressure drop, and the extraction efficiency is high and the energy consumption is less, and the cost is saved. 
(4) CO2 is a kind of inert gas, the extraction process does not occur chemical reactions, and is a non-flammable gas, odorless, non- toxic, so the safety is good; 
(5) CO2 is cheap, high purity, easy to obtain and circulate in the production process, thereby reducing costs. 
(6) both pressure and temperature can be used as parameters for adjusting the extraction process. The purpose of extraction is achieved by changing the temperature or pressure. When the pressure is fixed, the material can be separated by changing the temperature; conversely, the temperature is fixed and the pressure is reduced to separate the extract, so the process is simple and easy to master, and the extraction speed is fast. 
B characteristics from the nature of supercritical fluid 
(1) high extraction speed and liquid extraction, especially suitable for separation and extraction of solid substances. 
(2) It is suitable for separating heat-sensitive substances from oxidizable substances because its energy consumption is lower than that of ordinary distillation. 
(3) the heat transfer rate is fast and the temperature is easy to control. 
(4) suitable for the separation of volatile substances .

Technical application 
The extraction of seabuckthorn oil, the decaffeinin of coffee beans, the removal of nicotine from the tobacco, the extraction of the coffee flavors, the extraction of useful ingredients in the hops, the extraction of high purity oil from the star oil, the extraction of the cholesterol from soybean oil and egg yolk, and the extraction of Allicin. 

Technological process 
Empty CO2 
Cooling water → CO2 →low temperature bath → high pressure pump →preheater →extractor → separator →product. 


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