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Filter Centrifuge for CBD/THC/Hemp oil

We provide the Filter Centrifugefor CBD/THC/Hemp oil/Cannabissativa.

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Filter Centrifuge Descriptions:
Filter Centrifuge is professional designed for the solid liquid separation.Centrifugal filtration takes centrifugal force as a driving force, adding suspension into the perforated drum with filtering medium (such as filter cloth and filter cloth), solid particles trapped on filter media, liquid flowing through the cake layer and outflowing, and finally completes filtration operation separated from filtrate and filter cake.This type filter centrifuge are widely used in food , chemical , pharmaceutical industry . Such as separate some crystal from liquid . Salt , Calcium carbonate,plant roots,leaf & fruit....

Filter Centrifuge Advantages:
1.Choose  the corresponding stainless steel materials (such as  SUS304, 316, 316L, 321, etc.) according to the customer's erosion proof requirements for separated materials . 
2.The inner bowl can be used the filter bag with 200-600 mesh and the material of the filter bag can  be customize by client selection. 
3.Contrasting with other filter machinery , this filter centrifuge have good capacity with high paste holding by the filter bag.
4.Contrasting with other filter machinery , this filter centrifuge have good capacity with high paste holding by the filter bag.
5.Filter Centrifuge is very suitable for separating Hemp(Cannabissativa) extract and solid residue. I
6.In the distillation process, pure Cannabissativa (Hemp) extract with solid can reduce the residue of equipment, facilitate equipment cleaning, reduce labor and extend the service life of equipment, and reduce the cost of production in the long-term.
Filter Centrifuge Technical Parameters:
Parameter Models
PSB350 PSB450 PSB600 PSB800 PSB1000 PSB1200 PSB1250
Basket Dia (mm) 350 450 600 800 1000 1200 1250
Basket Volume (L) 10 25 45 100 175 280 310
Max. Charge (kg) 15 35 75 135 250 380 420
Rotation Speed (r/min) 2500 2000 1450 1200/1500 1000/1200 960/1050 960/1050
Centrifuging Factor(ωˆ2r/g) 1224 1007 725 645/1006 560/806 620/740 645/770
Power of Motor(kw) 1.1 1.5 3 5.5/7.5 7.5/11 11/15 15/18.5
L*W*H(mm) 750*550*400 1000*650*480 1280*100*1160 1550*1200*1290 1790*1380*1290 22000*1600*1520 2250*1620*1520
Weight(kg) 250 320 980 1500 2000 3300 3500
Filter Centrifuge Applications:
1.Food Applictions.
2.Chemical Applictions.
3.Pharmaceutical Industry Applictions.
4.Separating Hemp(Cannabissativa) Extract and Solid Residue.

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