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Storage and construction precautions of aerogel insulation felt

2021-06-23 14:03
Storage and construction precautions of aerogel insulation felt 
Storage conditions of aerogel insulation felt
Aerogel insulation blankets should be stored in a clean, dry and preventive environment. If the aerogel insulation blanket can only be placed in an outdoor environment, a higher terrain should be selected, and a cushion or pallet or bracket of no less than 200mm should be placed underneath, and it should be completely covered with a waterproof cloth or a plastic cloth. Despite the good hydrophobicity of aerogel insulation felt, rain and snow protection measures must be taken for storage of aerogel insulation felt and its products.

Preparation of aerogel insulation felt before construction
1. The equipment, pipes and accessories that need heat insulation must undergo pressure strength test, tightness test and anti-corrosion engineering before heat insulation construction can be carried out.
2. When welding aerogel insulation felt on industrial equipment and pipelines with anti-corrosion and lining, welding and post-weld heat treatment must be carried out before anti-corrosion, lining and pressure test.
3. Ensure that all pipes and equipment surfaces that need aerogel insulation are clean and dry.
4. The quality of the aerogel insulation felt and its products should be checked before the construction of the aerogel insulation felt project to ensure that the aerogel insulation felt and its products are clean, dry and have good thermal insulation performance.
5. The construction personnel of the aerogel insulation felt project should be equipped with complete labor protection supplies.
6. It should be equipped with aerogel insulation layer, moisture-proof layer, protective layer and construction tools for pre-product processing.
7. The construction site of aerogel insulation felt should be equipped with temporary water supply and power supply facilities, the road should be unobstructed, there should be a suitable processing site, and the construction equipment should be matched reasonably.
8. The auxiliary materials used in the aerogel insulation layer, moisture-proof layer, protective layer materials and their products should be fully prepared.
9. Confirm the pipe diameter, pipe length and the number of layers of aerogel insulation felt to be laid.