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What are the properties of nano aerogel felt

2021-06-24 13:12
What are the properties of nano aerogel felt
Nano aerogel felt is a kind of nano porous lightweight material with controllable structure. It has nano structure (pores 1-100nm, framework particles 1-20nm), large surface area (up to 800-1000m2/g), pores High rate (up to 80%-99.8%) and other characteristics. The unique structural characteristics of nano-Si0. aerogel make the aerogel in thermal, electrical, acoustic and optical. The application of nano aerogel felt to the direct-buried steam insulation pipe can not only reduce heat loss and improve the transmission efficiency of steam pipes, but also reduce the total investment cost.
1- The low thermal conductivity of nano aerogel materials is 2 to 5 times that of traditional materials, and the cooling effect is high, energy saving, and excellent in cooling performance.
2- The very low thickness of nano aerogel can achieve the same thermal insulation and cold preservation effect of traditional materials, with less cold and heat loss and higher space utilization.
3- The nano-aerogel material has excellent dimensional stability, and the nano-level special structure can resist the internal stress caused by the expansion and contraction of the pipeline, and there is no need to set expansion joints.
4- Nano aerogel has good flexibility, compression and tensile properties, can resist the internal stress caused by stretching during construction and linear contraction when cold, and has excellent tensile, compressive and crack resistance.
5- Nano aerogel material can play the role of sound absorption and noise reduction, shock absorption, improve environmental quality, protect equipment, sound absorption, shock resistance and noise reduction effect.
6- Nano aerogel does not contain harmful substances to the human body, and the waste can be disposed of by landfill, which is safe, green and environmentally friendly.
7- The smaller total weight and thermal insulation volume of nano aerogel can greatly reduce transportation and storage costs, and greatly save transportation and storage costs.
8- The density of nano aerogel product is 200±20kg/m3, which is light and convenient, easy to cut, high construction efficiency, and reduces construction cost.