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Features of new aerogel thermal insulation materials

2021-06-28 13:39
You may think that the new aerogel thermal insulation material has always been an uncommon material, in fact, we will use it in many places in our lives. However, this new type of aerogel thermal insulation material has not yet been popularized, and this material is a material with better effects.
The new aerogel thermal insulation material is a solid chemical substance shape, the solid state with the least relative density in the world. The relative density is 3 kilograms per cubic meter. The most common aerogel is silicon aerogel, which was originally made by British scientific researcher Kistler in 1931 because of a bet between the two. There are many types of aerogels, including silicon-based, carbon-based, sulfur-based, hydroxide-based, and metal-based materials. Aerogel is a component word, where aero is a modifier, expressing aviation, gel is obviously suspicious. The literal meaning is that it can be airborne. Gels of all chemical substances can be called aerogels if they can remove the internal organic solvents after drying, but can basically maintain their appearance without changing, and the substances have high porosity and high density.

The characteristics of the new aerogel thermal insulation material:
1. Extensible
The new aerogel thermal insulation material is malleable, and feels very soft and comfortable to the touch. Graphite aerogels of different sizes are as big as a badminton, and the smallest can block the holes of the wine bottle. The autumn is really flattering. This kind of graphene aerogel, called carbon sponge, can change its appearance at will due to its unique ductility, and can restore its original appearance as quickly as possible.
2. Strong adsorption
The new type of aerogel thermal insulation material has strong adsorption and is very solvent-resistant. It is currently the most oil-removing raw material in the world. At the current stage, there are also some degreasing products on the sales market, but compared with graphene aerogel, it is only one-tenth of it, and the raw materials of this kind of graphene aerogel can be digested and absorbed equal to the sales market The oil-removing product is about 250 times higher than that of the oil-removing product, and only oil-removing has no absorption capacity for water.
3. Outstanding thermal insulation performance
Another feature of the new aerogel thermal insulation material is that it can be used as a thermal insulation material, and it can be used in common products such as thermal insulation water cups and thermal insulation water bottles. It is a very rational thermal insulation and energy storage. Technical products have huge industry prospects. Perhaps they have not yet become popularized. Many customers do not know that such an excellent raw material exists. Graphene aerogel, after several experiments, does have a very good thermal insulation effect.