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Outstanding benefits brought by aerogel insulation materials

2021-09-02 16:58
Outstanding benefits brought by aerogel insulation materials
At present, aerogel insulation materials are mainly felt, and nano-pores are mainly plates and special-shaped parts. In terms of application temperature, aerogel insulation materials are generally used below 650℃, and nano-porous thermal insulation materials are generally used above 700℃. , The range below 1200°C. The two are complementary in use temperature and product form.
As the material with the best thermal insulation performance so far, nano-aerogel thermal insulation materials have broad application prospects in aerospace, petrochemical, power metallurgy, marine vehicles, precision instruments, refrigerator cold storage, building energy saving, clothing tents and other fields. A revolutionary alternative to traditional insulation materials.
Generally speaking, the outstanding benefits brought by the use of aerogel insulation materials:
(1) The thermal insulation performance is 3-5 times that of traditional thermal insulation materials, and the energy-saving effect is increased by more than 50%;
(2) Extremely strong anti-aging ability, the service life is 8-10 times that of conventional materials;
(3) The thickness of aerogel insulation materials is 1/2~1/5 of ordinary materials, which saves space;
(4) Simpler construction process, and save a lot of auxiliary materials;
(5) Less maintenance cost, more reliable insulation effect;
(6) Fire prevention, wide temperature application range, resistance to temperature difference impact;
(7) Waterproof, anti-seepage, anti-crack and anti-seismic;
After the industrialization development of the nano thermal insulation material industry during the New Year, the technology is becoming more mature, the scale is constantly expanding, the cost is continuously reduced, and the product categories are more abundant. However, the current price of nano thermal insulation materials is still too high, and the cost-effective advantage is not large enough, which seriously restricts nano thermal insulation materials. Quickly promote and apply. It can be said that the current development level of nano thermal insulation materials is still far from enough to seize this major opportunity for development. Low cost, high efficiency and large quantities are the inevitable path for the development of nano thermal insulation materials.
The current problems with aerogel insulation materials mainly include the following:
One is the high cost. For a long time, aerogel insulation materials have high equipment investment and high production costs, resulting in high final product prices, which can only be applied in high-end special fields, which greatly restricts the market scale;
The second is poor safety and environmental protection defects. Part of the aerogel insulation material production process is exposed to the air, and organic solvents such as ethanol volatilize into the workshop, causing greater safety hazards. The production process will also produce a large amount of waste water. Dust is prone to be generated in the process, which will affect the environment and workers' health;
The third is low production efficiency and low level of automation. At present, the production cycle of aerogel insulation materials in the entire industry takes at least 1 to 2 days, and fully automated continuous production cannot be realized.