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Aerogel Insulation Blanket Construction Method for Pipeline

2021-06-22 15:58
Aerogel insulation blanket construction method for pipeline
1. Determine the location of the gap connection
The gap of the laid aerogel insulation blanket shall not be set within 45 degrees from the left to the right of the vertical centerline of the pipeline
2. Measure the length required to lay a circle, that is, measure the outer circumference of the pipeline
Cut the aerogel insulation blanket to the length required for laying a circle.
(1) For pipes with small pipe diameters, the cut length of the aerogel insulation blanket can be measured with aerogel wrap
(2) For pipes with large pipe diameters, tape measure and other items should be used to assist measurement.
In addition, it should be noted that when laying a 6mm aerogel insulation blanket, the cutting length should be increased by 8 cm on the basis of the actual measured circumference; when laying a 10mm aerogel insulation blanket, the cutting length should be increased by 10 cm to the value of the circumference .
3. Pay attention to the laying of aerogel insulation blanket during the construction process. Use a certain degree of strength to lay the pipeline closely, the gaps should be tightly linked, and the edges of the insulation materials should be aligned.
4. Pay attention when tying the aerogel insulation blanket
First fix the starting end with galvanized steel wire or strapping steel tape. The strapping standard is regular and tight, and there should be no looseness. Then fix the other end of the aerogel insulation blanket on the pipe in the same way, while ensuring that the joints of the gaps are neat.
5. Bundling age of aerogel insulation blanket
Finally, magnesia-chromium 20 cm-30 cm bundled together, the number of bundles of each section of aerogel insulation blanket should not be less than two, and the parts with vibration should be strengthened. The strapping point should be at the gap junction of the material aerogel insulation blanket, and the strapping should be flattened.
6. Precautions for splicing and laying of aerogel insulation blanket
The splicing of each piece of aerogel insulation blanket laid should be tight and firm, the width of the circumferential splicing gap should not be greater than 2mm, and the horizontal gaps of the same layer should be in the same direction.
7. Treatment of the gaps in the joints of aerogel insulation blankets
All the joints of the aerogel insulation blanket should be treated, and the aerogel insulation blanket should be embedded, and then the gaps of the aerogel insulation blanket should be flattened by spiral winding with a certain strength. The winding direction should be the same as that of the material. The overlapping direction is the same.
8. Precautions for bundling of double-layer and multilayer aerogel insulation blankets
Double-layer and multi-layer aerogel insulation blankets should be bundled layer by layer during the construction, and the gaps should be staggered in the same layer, and the gaps should be laminated on the inside and outside. The pressing seam distance of the two adjacent layers shall not be less than 200mm, and the aerogel insulation blanket shall be displaced by 1/2 of the width for strapping.
9. Attention should be paid when using other material composite aerogel insulation blankets
When a composite thermal insulation scheme is adopted, the traditional thermal insulation material construction method can refer to the aerogel thermal insulation blanket. When using soft felt materials, the strapping spacing should not exceed 20 cm, and the strapping should be tight. The joints of traditional thermal insulation materials must be embedded with soft thermal insulation materials for gap treatment.