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Our services The company mainly undertakes automatic equipment parts processing precision parts batch processing non-standard parts batch processing batch parts processing CNC batch processing computer gongs batch processing. Company strength 1. Proc

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Our services
The company mainly undertakes automatic equipment parts processing, precision parts batch processing, non-standard parts batch processing, batch parts processing, CNC batch processing, computer gongs batch processing.
Company strength
1. Processing equipment: We have dozens of machining centers, precision milling machines, lathes, surface grinders, drilling machines, tapping machines, sawing machines and other auxiliary equipment.
2. Technical talents: all operating technicians engaged in production have years of production and processing experience, and have received systematic professional education; the company has professional mechanical engineers, which can design mechanical parts according to customer requirements; the management system is mature and effective with strict quality management system. Precision equipment, abundant human resources, and complete processing capabilities enable us to have the ability to undertake a variety of precision parts.
3. Quality assurance: the quality inspection department has many sets of precision measuring tools and a group of quality inspectors with professional level, which can timely deliver high-quality and perfect products to customers according to the quality requirements provided by customers.
4. Our philosophy: We adhere to the principle of "people-oriented, customer-oriented" and sincerely provide high-quality services to customers. 
5. Business: We undertake the design and processing of various precision parts, and provide the surface treatment of various parts, design and manufacture of various fixtures, smelting equipment for customers.
Business details
Processing equipment: large gantry CNC (2500*1800), large CNC (1600*900), four-axis CNC (800*500, diameter 300), high-speed CNC (600*400), 850CNC (800*500) multiple sets, 650CNC (600*500), multiple ordinary lathes, multiple ordinary milling machines, multiple hand-ground grinding machines, multiple water mills, multiple wire cutting machines, marking machines and other auxiliary machining equipment. .
Main testing equipment: projector, secondary and tertiary meter, height meter, micrometer, percentile, marble platform.
Processing characteristics: batch, single piece,accessory processing.
Processing mode: processing according to the drawing or by samples.
Testing equipment: projector, inner/outer micrometer, universal angle ruler, height ruler, stop/pass gauge, etc.
Machining accuracy: ±0.01mm, concentricity ⊙0.005mm; parallelism ∥0.003mm; verticality ⊥0.003mm.
Quality control: stable product quality, excellent service quality, and customer satisfaction.
Shipment standards: a, meet the drawing requirements; b, meet customer's routine requirements; c, meet shipping standards.
Commonly processed raw materials: SUS303/304/316/316L, A5052, AL6061, AL6063, AL7075, LY12, 65Mn, Cr12, 40CrMo, 45#, Q275, ST12.03, SS2331, SS1994-04, AISI12L14, Y15, Bakelite , POM steel, nylon, Teflon, acrylic and so on.
Commonly surface treatment: anodizing, chrome plating, nickel plating, galvanizing (black zinc), blackening, electro-polishing, passivation, titanium plating, dusting, electrophoresis, etc.
Commonly used heat treatment: vacuum quenching, salt bath nitriding treatment, nitriding, carburizing, carbonitriding, high-frequency burning, carbon burning, quenching and tempering, etc.

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