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Vacuum Chuck Stacker

Joda Vacuum chuck stacker machine is used the world's leading technologythe use of vacuum suction principle of high temperaturefragileeasy to deformnon-magneticeasy to handle the plate for lifting transportation and palletizing.It can be used in conju

  • Price :

    $ 3900 ~ 53500/table
  • A single sucker adsorption force :

    1000 N
  • Sucker number :

    4 ~ 16
  • Application :

    Aluminum plate stainless steel plate glass plate board and so on
  • Product Details
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Working principle:
Place the vacuum chucking machine on the demand point.Set the program,distance,time,speed,lifting height and other specific parameters.Press the automatic start key,you can automatically produce a good output plate to the specified location.After the stacking position is raised to a certain height,the finished product will be packed and palletized,and the trailer will take away for the next batch of stacking.
Speed can be automatically adjusted to maintain the amount of turnover within the board warehouse.Achieve sustained and stable production.Truly reduce the labor intensity of workers,improve work efficiency, save labor,reduce production costs.

The stacker machine is mainly composed of a fixed-size pinch roller,an electric upper cutter,a feed roller table,a throwing roller rack,a pallet table and a receiving trolley system.
A large vacuum chuck stacker can be used with or without two machines to work simultaneously,or stack both sides of the machine simultaneously.

Function Characters:
25 experience in production
1:2 supercharging device
Full automatic control
Patent product
Double roller, 4 suckers
No trace, save energy, save labor, increase effect

Technical Parameters




Hydraulic station


DBJ60 ~DBJ80



The power supply

Three phase/380v/50 hz

Quantity of vacuum sucker


Remote control system

HBCFST 510-1


< 25kW

Vacuum adsorption

≥ 1000N

Supercharging device

400 L

The hydraulic oil

Fire resistant hydraulic oil


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