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Aerogel Foil Faced Blanket

We can produce single-layer and double-layer aluminum foil faced blanket. This kind of insulation blanket is often used for bathroom insulation wall insulation attic insulation roof insulation etc.

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Aluminium foil insulation
Recently, a new product was introduced in the building materials market. We are talking about foil insulation. It is used for heat, hydro and noise insulation of facades, walls, ceilings and roofing. Such thermal insulation blanket with aluminum foil face can be used for bathroom, various partitions and even pipelines. A large number of thermal insulation blanket with aluminum foil face are on sale today. All of them differ in their properties and applications. Here, we will show you a new type of reflective insulation material - Aerogel Insulation Blanket with Aluminum Foil.
Aerogel Foil Faced Blanket features
Aluminum Foil Aerogel Insulation Blanket is a material consisting of two layers: the base (glass fiber and ceramic fiber) and aluminum foil. Due to the presence of aluminum reflective foil, this foil faced blanket can reflect heat and store it in the room. According to some studies it was found that the reflection effect can reach 97%. It is worth noting that modern insulation with foil is rather thin and waterproof. Accordingly, they will not dampen. Also, the material can protect the construction from wind and severe frost. Due to the properties of the foil, the heat remains inside the room. Important characteristics of our aerogel thermal insulation blanket with aluminum foil face include environmentally friendly, ease of installation and sound insulation. Also, thermal insulation foil roll is flexible, which means that almost everyone can install it.

Thermal Insulation Blanket With Aluminum Foil Face
Our product types
We can produce single-layer and double-layer aluminum foil faced blanket. This kind of insulation blanket is often used for bathroom insulation, wall insulation, attic insulation, roof insulation, etc. We also provide six-sided aluminium foil backed insulation (or fiber cloth). This material can effectively prevent the falling of aerogel dust, it and can be used for the insulation of ovens, insoles, etc. 

Foil Faced Blanket

In addition, the aerogel insulation blanket itself is a flame retardant new insulation composite material, the fire rate meets the National Standard A1 level. Its thermal conductivity coefficient at the normal temperature is about 0.016W(m.k), which is lower than still air. And its hydrophobic rate can reach 99% under normal temperature. And its working temperature range is widely. Generally, it can work normally in -200℃-650℃ according to the different requirement. Correspondingly, our aerogel foil faced blanket also has these characteristics.

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