Ladle Cleaning Machine

Ladle cleaning machine is designed to clear inner wall of ladles for aluminium smelters, remov aluminium slags and dregs adhering to the inner surface. It could relieve workload, improve working environment and efficiency, and ensure planned al...

The aluminum ladle cleaning machine is independently developed by our own company, and it has new structure and high efficiency for cleaning off aluminum slag precipitates and other dregs which are attached to the wall of aluminum ladle by a mechanical cutting method, then it discharges the cut debris to a collection box by using a spiral conveying device.
The cleaning method prevents a masonry heat-resistant layer from being accidentally damaged by an air pick for cleaning. It greatly prolongs the service life of the aluminum ladle lining, shortens the cleaning time, reduces labor intensity and improves operating environment and working efficiency.

The aluminum ladle cleaning machine consist of lifting device, tilting and clamping device, base rail, drive system, cutters, slag bin, hydraulic station, control system, dedusting system. A cleaning device for the outlet of the ladle can also be provided if needed.

Technical Parameters:
Feeding Force  60KN
Feeding Speed  0.015-0.02M/Min
Retracting Force  60KN
Feed Range  According to Ladle Height
Milling Head Diameter  According to Ladle Inner Diameter
Rotation Speed  12.8 r/Min
Linear Cutting Speed  1.38m/Min
Clean Time  45 Min

Steady and safe
Significant energy saving
High efficiency



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