Automatic Anode Jacking Frame

The automatic anode jacking frame (hydraulic wrench) is known as anode busbar raising frame, short as AJR or ABRF, which is used to hold the anode rod, loosen and fasten the anode clamp with hydraulic wrench during the lifting of anode busbar.

Automatic Anode Busbar Raising Frame (Hydraulic Wrench) integrates the function of let-go and fastening anode clamps with the frame structure. Operations such as clamping of anode rods, holding the anode busbar and releasing the anode grabs can all be fulfilled by remote control, so that the operation of raising anode busbar, which is needed periodically in a pot room, is greatly improved both in quality and in shorter time, esp. with significantly low electricity and labor consumption.

The aluminium smelter equipment consists of the frame, anode grabs, hydraulic station, lifting beams, landing legs, ground supports, etc. All anode grabs springs are installed with the same height and travel distance to ensure the synchronization of all clamps actions.
Zhengzhou Joda is the professional supplier of the automatic anode jacking frames. Our frames has exported to Malaysia, Iran and German, specially received positive opinion from German client.

1:2 Air Amplifier.
Full Remote Control.
Patented Design.
Significant Energy Saving.
Turn-Key Solutions.



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