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General Description: The line taking the electrolytic copperas material using holding melting furnace adopts the continuous casting and rolling to produce bright copper rod. Advantages: lThe line combines the advantages of relative international produ

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General Description:
The line, taking the electrolytic copper as material, using holding melting furnace, adopts the continuous casting and rolling to produce bright copper rod.
l The line combines the advantages of relative international products of SCR of America, SMS of Germany. With the Simple structure, high efficiency, low power consumption, high quality copper rod
l This line has taken the places of up casting and continuous rolling line and of 14-rolling stand continuous casting and rolling line.
Main technical parameters:  
l Raw material: scrap copper or cathode
l Rolling type: 2 roller
l Finished Rod Dia.: Φ8mm
l Line speed: 10m/s
l Finished Rod type: Bright low-oxygen copper rod
l Capacity: 12~15t/h
Main technical parameter:

  Parameter ( scrap copper as raw material) Parameter (cathode as raw material)
Rolling type 2 roller
(horizontal/ vertical)
2 roller
(horizontal/ vertical)
Finished Rod Dia. Φ8 Φ8
Line speed 10m/s 10m/s
Finished Rod type  Bright low-oxygen copper rod  Bright low-oxygen copper rod
Capacity  12~15t/h  12~15t/h

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