Why Choose Joda

Why does Joda's product have high quality and sophisticated design while maintaining low prices?

Why our design engineers of product design the product prices first?

At JODA, Our Product design engineers firstly ensure high quality and reasonable price
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Why are Joda products of higher quality?

We rigorously screen component suppliers to ensure that every batch of components is subjected to a harsh and abusive test.
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Why do Joda products bring customers good using experience on site?

Firstly, it is reflected in our humanized design. Secondly, after in-depth communication with many customers, we have learned about the bad experience generally encountered. We put an end to these similar problems through effective measures.
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Why do customers need the help of our solution promotion specialists ?

We provide customized production for each customer, the promotion specialist needs to understand the customers’ requirement to help the customers with choice.
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Why purchasing Joda products always give customers confidence?

In the intelligent aluminum production business, aluminum product business, aerogel insulation business, and project consulting business, we hold a long-term attitude and go deeper step by step to become more professional. Because we only care about the user's post-purchase experience. Profit is not our ultimate goal.
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Why does our delivery time always reassures customers peace of mind without worrying about affecting their production?

We have more than one OEM partners who deeply understand our standards and we can effectively coordinate the production cycle.
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Why is the shipping cost of Joda low?

Maximized optimized design and comprehensive consideration of the convenience of disassembly for shipping. Our equipment is like a sportsman with very low body fat. The optimized equipment size makes the overall cost of automobile transportation and shipping cost lower.
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Why can customers save purchasing time?

Joda provides customers with turnkey solutions. Equipment production, debugging, training of personnel before taking up the job, etc.
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Why do customers feel at ease after buying?

The 24 warranty period ensures the customers continuous attention. The rigorous and abusive component test is not a game, we are serious. Please kindly refer to our preventive inspection service after the warranty period.
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