Aluminum Cold Mill

The whole hydraulic four stand irreversible aluminum cold rolling mill is a cold rolling mill with the present advanced level and has the following performances: Perfect and advanced auto thickness control system of the hydraulic upward pressing AGC

The whole hydraulic four stand irreversible cold rolling mill is a cold rolling mill with the present advanced level and has the following performances:
1. Perfect and advanced auto thickness control system of the hydraulic upward pressing AGC
This system adopts displacement sensor of high precision and advanced microprocessor controlled. It carries out servo-control to the upward pressing oil cylinder of rolling mill through the thickness control system to optimize the thickness and precision of the product. For the thickness contrl method, it has all the functions of cold rolling mill and aluminum foil cogging mill. It has roller slot position AGC as well as pressure and tension AGC to fully meet the requirements of plate material and aluminum foil rolling.

2. Non-trserving rolling mill system:
For hydraulic irreversible cold rolling mill, the auto control of thickness of every batch of coil production and the set plate shape control of roller slot should be invariable to ensure more even thickness of every batch of coil and perfect surface quality of the plate and stability of rolling.

3. Advanced preapplication plate filtering system:
For the high speed spray of cooling fluid during the rolling of the high speed whole hydraulic cold rolling mill, the whole oil circulation should be strained by passing through the plate filter consisting of diatomite and filtration fabric to make the rolling oil more clean and further ensure the high quality surface of the product. With a high filtering precision, the system is easy and reliable for operation and maintenance.

4. Advanced functions of the hydraulic system:
All the hydraulic systems of the rolling mill have the alarm display function of fluid level, temperature and pressure. Due to the improvement in the system assembly technology, the rate of leakage of the installation surface of pump and valve is effectively reduced and further a good working environment is formed.
(Including upward pressing, roller bending, auxiliary, balance and alignment system)

5. Reliable oil milt lubrication and water oil lubrication
The working roller bearing, support roller bearing and high speed guiding roller bearing adopt oil mist lubricating device to provide continuous lubrication. The oil mist device has low temp, and low pressure alarm to ensure reliable working under high speed operation of the rolling mill.
The water oil lubricating system of the reduction gear has the device of flow alarm and can provide cooled and filtered lubricating oil continuously to the ruuning reduction gear and provide reliable safeguard for the high speed operation of the rolling mill.

6. CO2 extinguishing system with auto and manual control
The rolling mill is equipped with a complete set of auto CO2 extinguishing system to ensure to put out fire in time. At each inflammable zone there are CO2 nozzles and temperature detectors to control and predict the condition in time.

7. Digital control to raise the precision and reliability of control:
All the D.C. motors adopted by the rolling mill are power supplied by all-digital silicon controlled deflector. The co-axial driving technology of a mumber of D.C. motors, plus mechanical shift, can farthest realize the most economical running and high precision tension control.
The centralized control of A.C. motors can realize a compact conformation and reliable performance.

8. Advanced engineer station and informatization of file management:
The control center of the rolling mill is at the advanced engineer station which is convenient for commissioning and maintenance and can be used to work out and print the production management statement. The main control PLC system, DC driving system, AGC system, engineer station and the operator station utilize the network communication to carry out data exchange. With the high transmission speed and strong anti-interference capacity, the reliability of the system work is largely enhanced.

9. Convenient display and operation on the operation console:
On the operation console of the rolling mill there are separated electric and hydraulic instruments. The video operation terminal can be used for man-machine dialogue, which is convenient for operation and monitoring. The following items can be carried out:
A. Parameter setting
B. Status display
C. Fault alarm

10. The plentiful fume produced during rolling is collected and discharged by the fume retrieving arrangement consisting of fume extraction hood and fume purification plant. And thus the environment of the workshop gets improved.


A. Four rows of short circular cylinder roller beaing are adopted for the roller bearing. And oil mist lubrication is adopted. The big loading capacity ensures the precision of the roller system of the rolling mill and the reliability of the work. 
B. Hard tooth flank bevel gear drive is adopted for the transmission reduction gear of decoiling machine, main engine and reeler. The grade of precision is Grade VI. With carburizing and quenching of gear grinding can realize stable drive and high precision.
C.  Adopt double layer air lancing and oil removal, the flow of nozzle is adjustable to keep a clean outlet plate surface.
D. Equip with roller exchanging device.
E. The control system has perfect fault alarm and alarm diagnosis function.
F. Perfect function of production management and statement printing convenient for network management.

Technical Parameter:

Items Name of equipment configure Unit Equipment configure

Specification of material(followGB/T8544-
1997 standard)

  Pure AL.and AL.alloy (1xxx,3xxx, 8 xxx)
Yield strength ss MPa 60~300
Coil width mm 860~1500
Thickness mm 6-10(Max.)
Width tolerance mm Portrait: no more than 2% of the plate thickness
Horizontal: no more than 1.5% of the plate thickness
Coil OD mm Φ1700-2000(Max.)
Coil ID mm Φ510 ,Φ505 (means sloop ID with sloop)
Max weight Kg 9000
Requirement   1)the surface quality meets the requirement without serious oxidization mark
2) no sickle curvature; telescoping not beyond 10mm/m; staggering layer no more than 4mm.
Sloop size mm Φ505/Φ565×1700
Finish machine specification Coil width mm 800~1450 (side slit),860~1500(no side slit)
Thickness   mm 0.15(Min.)
Coil OD mm Φ1700-2000(Max.)
Coil ID mm Φ510 (without sloop)
Φ505 (ID of the sloop with sloop)
Max weight Kg   9000
Sloop size mm Φ505/Φ565×1700

Gurante-e of main equipm-ent contifig-ure
Type   Hydraulic four high non-reserving cold mill
Rooling force KN 12000
Passing strip speed M/min 15~30
Linear velocity of the working roller M/min High gear: 0~240(basic speed)~600m/min(max speed);
Low gear: 0~100(basic speed)~270m/min(max speed);

Ie: when without setting auto plate control system, speed of thin strip should be less than 350~450 m/min to assure plate quality.
Pulling force of coil opening KN     120~2
Pulling force of coiling KN     120~2
Work roller mm Φ380×1650
Supply roller mm Φ960×1700
Forward sliding   0~15%
Pulling force precision   Stable condition: ±1%;
Speed up and down: ±3%;
Speed precision   Stable condition: ±0.1% rating speed
Type of coiling and coil opening    Coil opening up, coiling up

Gurante-e of finish machin-e

Thickness precision

When thickness 0.15~0.2mm, portrait ≤±0.005mm, landscape ≤±0.003mm

When thickness 0.20~0.4 mm, portrait ≤±2%, landscape ≤±1.5%

When thickness more than 0.4 mm, portrait ≤±1.5%, landscape ≤±1%

Plate shape precision
Without setup AFC auto plate-control system, manual controls system, under control og professional workers, plate is about £40I(operationer assure), rolling sped may be no less than 350~450 m/min on average.

Speed of coiling and coil opening
Speed of coil opening m/min MAX560m/min(high gear),MAX260m/min(low gear)
Speed of coiling m/min MAX690m/min(high gear),MAX340m/min(low gear)



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