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Anode Jacking System

Anode Jacking System is an important part of the superstructure of large-scale prebaked pot Shell.It is used to lift the busbar in process of aluminum electrolysis.

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Anode Jacking System, also known as beam riser, is an important part of the superstructure of large-scale prebaked pot Shell. It is used to lift the busbar in process of aluminum electrolysis. Anode block is the replaceable prebaked anode and is fixed on anode busbar by clamps. And the busbar is installed and suspended on anode jacking mechanism, so the busbar can be up and down with the jack. The anode carbon block will drop with the consumption of carbon anodes. When it drops to its lowest position, the anode busbar needs to be lifted to ensure the rational distance between the anode and the cathode, which helps electrolytic anode work under optimal and normal condition.

Joda offers complete Anode Jacking Assembly including jacks, motors and transmission mechanism.
Lifting speed, force and mechanical arrangement are designed according to smelter and technology requirements. Gearboxes and electric motor including necessary clutches are all heat resistant. Endurance and load tests confirms maximum lifespan.

3999 Experience;
Strong and Reliable;
Heat Resistant;
Maximum Service Life

Technical Parameters 


Screw Type Anode Jacking System

Triangle Plate Anode Jacking System






Lifting Joint Number















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