Vacuum Ladle

Joda has designed and developed a new generation of vacuum ladle with capacity from 3T to 16T.


Vacuum Ladle is mainly composed of tapping tube, jet exhauster, gear and insulation layer. Tapping end and discharging end are designed at front and rear end of the ladle body, with input and output on both sides, making the ladle lift and transport convenient, and the heat loss slow. It can be operated manually or electrically. The two modes can be interconvertibled with a clutch, which assure the liquid aluminum can be poured out in emergency.

Supply Over 2000 Sets.
Insulated with Supercritical SiO2 Aerogel Blanket.
Pioneering Non-steady State.
Highly Efficient Design.
Customized Service.

Technical Parameters:
Model Rated Volume (m³) Air Pressure (Mpa) Outer Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (T) Pouring Method Pouring Degree (°) Speed Ration Motor Power(kw)
JDZ50D 2.174 0.6 2032 3250 7.6 Manu/ Auto 53 134.3/8789 1.1
JDZ90D 3.913 0.6 2353 3550 11.7 Manu/ Auto 53 192/11594 1.5
JDZ120D 5.217 0.6 2640 3560 13.2 Manu/ Auto 53 192/11594 1.5
JDZ150D 6.522 0.6 2940 3600 15.2 Manu/ Auto 53 192/11594 1.5



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