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Warehouse insulation

Refrigerated warehouse insulation is the most important component of the stable operation of the refrigerating chamber. The insulation for cold room and cold storage must have many properties

  • Width :

    1200mm 1400mm
  • Length :

    40m 30m 25m
  • Working temperature :

    -200℃ - 650℃
  • Thermal conductivity :

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Refrigerated warehouse insulation
Refrigerated warehouse insulation is the most important component of the stable operation of the refrigerating chamber. The insulation for cold room and cold storage must have many properties: be waterproof and steamproof, do not change its properties under the influence of low temperatures, prevent the formation of condensation on the surface of the insulation, and withstand greater compression loads.
Some builders and customers of industrial and commercial refrigerators underestimate the advantages of using a reliable thermal insulation of refrigerating chambers (their walls, floor and ceiling), while the cost of refrigeration technology and the further costs of electricity depend on the quality of the insulation materials used. For cold room and cold storage insulation, we recommend a new type of insulation blanket - aerogel insulation.

Aerogel blanket for warehouse insulation
Characteristics of aerogel blanket for cold rooms
When insulating warehouses, you need to consider the following factors:
1. Thermal conductivity. This is the amount of heat that was transmitted through a unit of surface area per unit time at a temperature gradient of one. Therefore, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the insulation of warehouse should be as low as possible. Thermal conductivity coefficient of aeroge insulation blankets at the normal temperature is about 0.016W(m.k), a mineral wool`s - 0,075-0,081W(m.k), extruded polystyrene foam`s - 0,029W(m.k). So on heat-insulating properties it is several times more effective than mineral wool and polystyrene foam. 
2. Density. Thermal insulation properties are better for a material whose average density is less, that is, more porosity. Our silica aerogels have three-dimensional nanopores with a porosity of up to 99.8%.
3. Hydrophobic. With increasing humidity of warehouse insulation materials of the cold room, its thermal conductivity increases. Our aerogel blanket has absolutely hydrophobic.
4. Frost resistance. This is the ability of the material to retain its structure after multiple cycles of freezing and defrosting. Joda aerogel products has a wide temperature range: -200℃-650℃, and not easily deformed.
5. Strength or resistance to physical influences. Aerogel blanket for warehouse insulation is a thin and flexible material that retains thermal properties even after a compressive load of more than 100 psi. inch.
6. Environmental Safety. Our insulation rolls does not contain inhaled fibers and is safe when buried.
7. Attractiveness for rodents. Our insulation blanket will not attract rodents.
The thickness of the cold room insulation 
In order to select the thickness of the layer of warehouse insulation, it is necessary to perform a thermal engineering calculation in which the temperature of the indoor and outdoor, the characteristics of the heat insulation material are considered. Tell us about the temperature of your application and the temperature of the cold storage you want to achieve. We calculate the required aerogel insulation thickness for free.
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