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1060 aluminum coil

PRODUCT NAME ALLOYS NUMBER TEMPER THICKNESS (MM) WIDTH (MM) LENGTH (MM) APPLICATION 1060 Aluminum coil 1060 OH12H14H16H18H19H22H24H26H28H32H34 H36H38 0.2-7.0 20-2200 600-6000 Aluminum-plastic plate lamp materials such as capacitor

  • Thickness :

    0.2-7.0 mm
  • Width :

  • Weight :

    0.5-7.0 tons per pallet or customized
  • Temper :

    various Temper (HO-H321)
  • Product Details
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1060 Aluminum coil



1060 O,H12,H14,H16H18,H19,H22,H24H26,H28,H32,H34
0.2-7.0 20-2200 600-6000 Aluminum-plastic plate, lamp materials, such as capacitor shell

Product Properties:
1060 aluminum sheet is used for the industrial widely. Aluminum element content (mass fraction) of 99.60% Aluminum.It do not deal with heat treatment to strengthen. Pure aluminum surface is brightly silvery .Its density is decreasing while temperature increasing . 1060 aluminum production process is simple with mature technology, so its price is lower than other alloy . It is able to meet the conventional processing requirements (stamping, drawing) with high formability good elongation and tensile strength .1060 aluminum roll has a high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. But the strength is low, heat treatment can not be enhanced machinability .For gas welding, hydrogen atomic welding and contact welding, it is not easy to braze.
1)high strength and good cutting performance;
2)high conductivity and thermal conductivity, plastic, and easy to withstand a variety of pressure processing and bending, extension;
Packaging :
Packaging Detail:
a.Interleave paper between each sheet,(Optional for Cold Rolled Sheet ) .
b.Plate/coil is placed to the iron or wooden pallet ,wrapped by water-proof craft paper perfectly , then fixed by iron narrow belt well .
Port:Qingdao port or other main port in China
3)Container:20ft GP:5898mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)  , loading 18~25 tons .
40ft GP:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High) , loading 20~28 tons.
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