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Aluminum Electrolysis Tank Gas Roasting Device

Electrolytic cell roasting Calcination method is one of the main factors affecting the life of aluminum electrolysis cell. The purpose of roasting is to dry the furnace body between the sintered cathode carbon blocks and at the edges increase the temp

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Electrolytic cell roasting
Calcination method is one of the main factors affecting the life of aluminum electrolysis cell. The purpose of roasting is to dry the furnace body, between the sintered cathode carbon blocks and at the edges, increase the temperature of the anode and cathode to facilitate the next step.
Joda Gas roasting device
The gas roasting unit provided by Zhengzhou Joda Technology Co., Ltd. uses a specially designed burner and control system to replace the traditional roasting to achieve fine control of the roasting temperature at each stage. The operator has full control over the amount of fuel added, temperature and heating cycle. The temperature data is recorded in the chart recording software to further improve the accuracy of the heating cycle.
Features of gas roasting device
1. Accurate temperature control and uniform temperature rise:
According to the space structural features of the furnace, the burner and the exhaust flue are arranged in a staggered arrangement, and the hot air flow in the trough is fully convected to ensure the uniformity. The figure below is a screenshot of the temperature rise curve in actual application.
2.The safe and reliable ignition control:
The ignition operation can be operated automatically or by a single burner, which can be selected according to the actual situation.
In the case of automatic ignition, after pressing the ignition start button of the operation terminal, the PLC control system will automatically control the burner operation according to the setting of the target temperature curve.

3.Temperature control is performed by zone.
The auto-ignition starts from the end region, and the burners are automatically ignited one by one. 
When a certain burner is abnormally turned off, the ignition controller automatically turns off the gas and gives an audible and visual alarm, and displays detailed alarm information on the operation terminal. In addition, it also has various safety protection functions such as automatic temperature tolerance and gas pressure tolerance.
4.The control interface has detailed content and perfect functions.
Real time dynamic display of the operating status of each burner, gas solenoid valve, blower (according to user needs), ignition controller, etc., and display the real-time temperature of each temperature measurement point, save historical data for future reference.

Configuration parameter
Number of burners 24
Single burner power 150kW
Temperature Control Zone  4 Zones
Final heating temperature 950~970°C
Temperature control mode PID adjustment
Heating rate Adjustable
Ignition mode Automatic
Fire detection method Ionization
Maximum consumption of natural gas 300Nm3/h
Maximum air consumption 3000Nm3/h


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