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Suctorial Aluminium Tube Cleaner

The cleaning device is to clean slag of the tube automatically.It could clamp and clean tube in closed space for one time to minimize dust pollution.

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The cleaning device is to clean slag of the tube automatically. It could clamp and clean tube in closed space for one time to minimize dust pollution.The cleaning device is simple in structure and low in production cost, and can be used for cleaning a plurality of complete suctorial aluminum tubes, so that the labor is saved, and the working efficiency is improved.

The cleaning device consists of a pallet trolley, a heating device, a slag tank and a track, wherein the suctorial aluminum tube to be cleaned is placed in the pallet trolley with an inclined pallet and moves to be below the heating device which is obliquely fixed along the track, and under the heating of a heating resistance wire, and aluminum slag in the suctorial aluminum tube begins to be melted and flows to the slag tank along a chute retaining rib and an aluminum outlet under the action of gravity to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

  • Steady and safe;
  • Significant energy saving;
  • Automatic;
  • High efficiency;
  • 60 experience;
  • More fast

Technical Parameters 
Drill Tool Carrier Propulsion
Knock-out Force
Screw Augers Torque
Hydraulic Station Power
Rated Current
Hydraulic Pump Transmission Capacity
Maximum Pressure


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