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Anode Yoke

Anode Assembly is also referred to as hanger it is assembled by welding with 1. aluminium stem (Rod) and 2. Steel Bracket (yoke) with 3. an electrical transition joint (also refered to as a clad) in between.

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An anode yoke can be made from welding of the steel plates casting from steel scraps. For welding of steel plates, normally Q235B steel will be used. For casting, low carbon steel (C max 0.25%) is more commonly used for the better conductivity. 
Our foundary workshop has advanced production line of steel casting, including chemical and mechanical analysis laboratory. After casting with EPC technology, the yokes will be cleaned, machined, heat treated and sand blasted. NDE test will also be carried out for best performance of the yoke.
anode yoke

The anode yoke has a top part for connecting with the anode rod with bimetal, and also 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 stubs (legs), varing from different designs. It is not allowed to set the runner on the top part of the yoke, for stronger connection with the anode rod.

  • Low carbon steel
  • Excellent Electric Conductivity
  • Strict Quality Control
  • NDE Tested

Technical Parameters
Low carbon steel
Per Buyer's Requirement
Surface Treatment
R 12.5 or Per Buyer's Requirement


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