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Anode Clamp

Anode Clampalso known as anode latchclampis mainly used to clamp and let go the anode busbar and anode rod.

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Anode Clamp,also known as anode latch, clamp,is mainly used to clamp and let go the anode busbar and anode rod.In production process of aluminum in the potroom of the aluminum smelter,the anode clamp fixes the anode rod tightly with the aluminium busbar to ensure the current passes through the tight contact between them,thus ensuring the continuous electrolysis process.

Aluminum smelter equipment anode clamp mainly consists of hook or bracket,clamp and bolt for tightening.After casting,the hook and clamp will be specially heat treated for strong mechanical properties.

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  • Exported to Iceland and Sweden
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Technical Parameters
operating temperature: >130ºC
impact toughness: >120Mpa
screw fastening torque: 350N.m
Siz e of anode section: 130~220mm×130~220mm
Hook material : Higher than ZGMn13 water toughening


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