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Precision Aluminum System

Product Description: The intelligent precision aluminum output system is an electronic device that can be installed on a multi-function unit. The system comprehensively utilizes various modern technologies such as sensors weighing and metering wireles

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Product Description:

The intelligent precision aluminum output system is an electronic device that can be installed on a multi-function unit. The system comprehensively utilizes various modern technologies such as sensors, weighing and metering, wireless communication, industrial control, network and fieldbus, researches and designs intelligent management and control system for precise aluminum production, and realizes accurate measurement of electrolytic aluminum aluminum production process. Process intelligence. This product has been used in many companies.

Precision Aluminum System

Function Description:

The whole aluminum control system is designed with programmable controller PLC. PLC has the characteristics of reliable, economical, no mechanical wear, expandable, and reduced non-standard hardware design. It can adapt to the harsh environment of aluminum electrolysis production, is safe, stable and reliable, and can work stably for a long time in high temperature and high dust environment.

1) The system has automatic aluminum control function, and the single-slot aluminum output accuracy is ±20Kg and reaches 90%.

2) Establish a static mathematical model based on a large amount of empirical data on site, which can adapt to various on-site complex situations. The precise aluminum output system is built with two mathematical models, which adopt volume calculation and flow calculation to ensure the accuracy of single-slot aluminum output.

3) When using the ground wind, the precision aluminum system controls the air duct lifting, manually connects the air duct to the aluminum lifting bag, and uses the crane remote control to control the solenoid valve/safety valve to start and stop the wind.

Technical Indicators:

1. Rated weighing: 0-40t

2. Calibration accuracy: ±0.1% FS (no magnetic field environment) accuracy: ±0.3% FS

3. Temperature coefficient: <5ppm/°C

4. Nonlinear: <0.01% F.S

5. Power supply conditions: AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ ± 1HZ

6. Sensor supply bridge voltage: DC6V

7. With automatic aluminum control function, the accuracy of single-slot aluminum output is more than 90%.

8. Single-slot automatic quantitative aluminum absorption, multi-slot accumulation, large screen can display slot number, package number, plan quantity, actual output, cumulative amount, gross weight, net weight, measurement data wireless transmission to the host computer and enterprise data server.

9. The wireless transmission of the weighing signal of the precision aluminum output system.

10. With automatic alarm function of under-loading.

11. The ground remote control has functions such as peeling, air duct rise, fall, storage, and end. It has automatic identification function of package number and slot number.

Management & Control Software:

1.Weighing Data Process——The collected weighing data will be analyzed and calculated after A/D conversion. Then the processed data will be transmitted to system control center and main process parameters will be shown on a large screen, including gross weight, net weight, cell no., ladle no., planned Al production volume, accumulated Al production volume, etc.

2.Process of ladle no., cell no., furnace no. details——Identify and collect ladle no., cell no. and furnace no. automatically and quickly. Then the data could be transmitted to system control center in real time without any manual intervention. After Al tapping operation, process data will be stored on servers immediately. The stored results will be shown on a big screen on site in a way of returning planned volume to zero, ensuring continuity and integrity of the process data.

3. Process Information Interaction——Through the process database and expert system in system control center, various process information, including cells’ process positions, planned Al production volume and actual Al production volume, could be shared with all multifunctional cranes so the crane could be operated across different work zones, identified and matched with any cell to realize interaction of different process details in real time and correctly.

Systematic Process:

1. Every work zone could issue a plan of Al production volume on a principal computer according to cells’

2. When a crane is moving above cells, control instrument identifies ladle no. carried by the crane and cell no. at current location through RFID device automatically. It could learn current cell’s planned Al tapping volume through a real-time communication with principal computer and the data will be shown in Chinese on a screen

3. When the crane is above scheduled cell, lower and insert the air hose into ground air source and vacuum ladle through crane remote control.

4. Through digital input on control instrument, turn on solenoid valve to start Al tapping with a display of real-time tapping volume on the screen.

5. When net weight reaches the planned Al tapping volume transmitted from principal computer, control instrument turns of solenoid valve to cut air source and tapping.

6. When the weight is stable, put in and store tapping data through digital input on control instrument, including current ladle no., current cell no., planned Al tapping volume of this cell, actual net weight of tapped Al, finish time of tapping, etc.

7. When the ladle’s tapping is done and being loaded on a transfer truck, tapping details of this ladle will be shown on the screen, including ladle no., cell quantity this ladle has tapped, total planned tapping volume and total actual tapping volume.

8. All the tapping data could be shown and checked on work zone’s principal computer, workshop server and networking terminals.

System Traceability:

Tapping data could be traced on workshop server. Weight signal from crane hook could be communicated with principal computer through a transceiver in real time. A curve graph will be drawn based on all weight signals during operation, so supervisor could make full use of it and analyze actual tapping volume per cell according to ladle’s gross weight data before and after tapping.

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