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    Aerogel Powder

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    Aerogel Particles

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    Internal Wall Insulation

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    External wall insulation is one of the main tasks for hose insulation. Through poorly insulated walls...

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Superstructure is a Steel Structure consisting steel frame anode jacking system crust breaker point feeder anode busbar anode assembly gas collecting and discharging device etc.

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Superstructure is a Steel Structure consisting steel frame, anode jacking system, crust breaker, point feeder, anode busbar, anode assembly, gas collecting and discharging device, etc.
The Superstructure steel frame is welded by angle iron and steel plate. The bottom of the frame is connected with pot shell by a hinge. So it is easy to prevent warping caused by heating of the frame. Also it has great fixation.

Quality Control
We provide one-stop turn-key solutions from the customer’s needs and interests. We test our products and services with Customer’s satisfaction. We ensure every finished product meets the quality standard, by innovative design concept, pioneering equipment, strict inspection procedures and the most complete after-sales services. We are committed to 100% satisfaction from our customers.

  • Top Welding Quality
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Maximum service life
  • Exported to Europe

Technical Parameters



Operating Current Intensity

160 KA ~ 660 KA


High Quality Carbon Steel or Alloy Steel as per Drawing

Thickness of the plates



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