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Joda Aluminum Vacuum Ladle Advantage

2018-06-01 14:45

 The Aluminum Vacuum Ladle cover is in the common shape of the general pouring cone barrel , the structure can be divided into body, manhole, hanger, suction aluminum tube, reducer and vacuum tube and other parts, reducer can Manual operation.Vacuum Ladle is mainly used for electrolytic aluminum plant, the work of direct use of negative pressure suction aluminum, the need to separate a set of vacuum system, due to the high temperature of the suction air, vacuum pump generally use water ring vacuum pump, equipment configuration price is high.

Joda Aluminum Vacuum ladle Advantage  Joda Aluminum Vacuum ladle Cover

The Ladle of Lining the slag, maintenance and puzzle lining through the manhole, is very inconvenient. In order to improve the efficiency of use, often need to use large-scale open-hole package with the use of this will bring the loss of aluminum heat. The method used to solve these problems is: cover and package body seal and anti-deformation measures.For large vacuum suction aluminum ladle, the larger diameter of the package, the package lid and the package body which using punch spigot flange seal, the seal packing is for asbestos. As the cover and the package body heat uneven and the package body in the lifting of the uneven force, easily lead to cover and the body of the flange into the mouth, resulting in lax. For this problem, on the one hand to strengthen the package body and cover strength, package body and cover are reinforced, the use of thick flange. On the other hand to use a reasonable way to seal the cover flange can be embedded into the body flange, the formation of a double mouth seal, once the small mouth seal failure, can enable the big mouth seal.