Application and advantages of aerogel insulation in shipbuilding industry


The aerogel insulation blanket has wide applications and brings several advantages in the shipbuilding industry. Here are some key aspects of the application and advantages of aerogel insulation blankets in shipbuilding:

Excellent insulation performance: Aerogel insulation blankets offer outstanding thermal insulation capabilities, effectively preventing heat transfer and maintaining temperature stability. They minimize conduction and radiation losses, providing excellent thermal insulation.

Lightweight: Compared to traditional insulation materials, aerogel insulation blankets have low density and are lightweight. This feature helps reduce overall weight when used in ship structures, contributing to increased carrying capacity and fuel efficiency.

Thin design: Due to the superior insulation performance of aerogel blankets, they require relatively thin thickness to achieve the desired insulation effect. This flexibility in application allows for space optimization in ship structures and aids in design optimization.

Seismic resistance and durability: Aerogel insulation blankets exhibit good seismic resistance, withstanding vibrations and impacts during ship operation. Additionally, they have a long service life, maintaining their insulation performance and structural integrity even in harsh environmental conditions.

Fire resistance: Aerogel insulation blankets typically have excellent fire resistance, effectively resisting the spread of fire and meeting the fire safety requirements in the shipbuilding industry.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability: Aerogel insulation blankets are typically made from inorganic materials and do not contain harmful substances. They are recyclable, minimizing waste generation and aligning with environmental and sustainable development requirements.

In summary, aerogel insulation blankets have wide applications in the shipbuilding industry and offer superior insulation performance, lightweight design, thin profile, seismic resistance, durability, fire resistance, as well as environmental friendliness and sustainability. These advantages make aerogel insulation blankets an ideal choice for ship construction and maintenance.


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