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2018-08-08 11:42
The Electrolytic Aluminum Supply-side Structural Reform Curtain Opening
In the wave of cut excessive industrial capacity with Supply-side Structural Reform, the China electrolytic aluminum Supply-side Structural Reform curtain opening.
Last week, Xinjiang, Changji government decided to stop the three companies in Changji City, which is illegal construction of electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 2 million tons of project construction.
The chief analyst Qi Ding of Anxin Securities non-ferrous metals industry, recently in a conference call he said, the Xinjiang is second only to the Shandong, In the past five years, electrolytic aluminum production capacity of the main producing areas, it can introduced such a strict policy, we feel that the local government’s on the performance, which have made the electrolytic aluminum Supply-side Structural Reform gradually surfaced.

Some media reports said, China will carry out clean-up and rectification of electrolytic aluminum industry illegal special operation of the project.
According to the report, National Development and Reform Commission, for the strict control of electrolytic aluminum industry increase capacity, which will carry out clean-up rectification of electrolytic aluminum industry illegal project special action.
The special action, the scope of clean up and reorganize is illegal projects after May 2013, as well as projects that do not implement notifications and deal with opinions in 2015. These projects under construction to immediately stop building, already built to immediately stop production. This action project completed within 6 months. National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries will be related to the relevant areas and the central enterprises to conduct spot checks before September 15.
Qi Ding said, Electrolytic aluminum reform will bring two effects, the first is price increases, the second is the industry order will be relatively large changes. This change will be conducive to some company in line with industry standards, capacity deployment in line with the direction of the company to encourage the country. He think, A shares of electrolytic aluminum plate will usher in a major investment opportunities.
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