Aluminum And Steel Bimetal Are Divided Into Two Kinds

2021-12-07 15:48:32

The bimetal is composited with aluminum / steel/ copper and other non-ferrous metals, it’s widely used in electrolytic aluminum, metallurgical industry sectors.
Aluminum and steel bimetal are divided into two kinds, the cathode bimetal and the anode bimetal anode, it’s a conductive equipment in the process of producing pot shell. The bimetal is an aluminum steel transition joint in the pot shell, it combine the aluminum busbar and steel rods, and play the transition role. Due to the bimetal’s interface combine with metallurgy, its interface resistance is negligible compared to the mechanical performance connection, it can not only saves energy but also extends the service life.

 Material and specifications:
(1) steel / aluminum composite panel material and specifications:
1, Material: L.LY.LF / Q235.20R.20g.16Mn.16MnR
2, specifications: 0.1 ~ 25 / 0.2 ~ 100X <2000 × 4000
3, product standards: Q / XB1906-94
4, application areas: electrolytic aluminum, fertilizer, transition joints, ships, aerospace, instrumentation, low temperature engineering.
(2) copper / aluminum composite panel material and specifications:
1, Material: L.LY.LF / T.B.H.Q.
2, specifications: 0.1-25 / 0.2-100X <2000 × 4000
3, product standards: GB13328-91 or JISG3604-92
4, application areas: the power industry, the electronics industry.
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