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Zhengzhou Joda Technology Participate 2018 IEX (Insulation Expo Europe) in Cologne, Germany

2018-06-01 14:21

As a leading supplier of aerogel insulation materials from China, Zhengzhou Joda Technology are invited to the Expo held in Cologne on May 16~17, 2018, with a dozen of our products. Visitors from over 20 countries stop at our booth and show strong interests in the outstanding insulation and fireproof performance of our aerogel products. They discuss more details with our colleague and learn possible customized solutions. The Expo marks a giant leap for Joda in global insulation industry.

Jane talks with visitors Kevin talks with a visitor

Jane talks with visitors                                                                                                                                          Kevin talks with a visitor

Zoe talks with a visitor Ashley talks with visitors

Zoe talks with a visitor                                                                                                                             Ashley talks with visitors