Joda participated in the 2023 China Aluminum Exhibition

2023-07-06 11:30:18

Shanghai, July 6, 2023 — China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition is being held at the Shanghai International Expo Center from July 5th to 7th. This exhibition is a grand meeting of China's aluminum industry, attracting many enterprises and professionals from all over the country and even the world to participate. Joda will also participate in the exhibition and present its booth with aluminum materials, aluminum processing equipment and electrolytic aluminum equipment. Booth No.: 2L38

As an expert company in the aluminum industry, Joda will display our aluminum product series at the exhibition, including electrical round aluminum rods, aluminum plates, aluminum coils, aluminum circles, sprayed aluminum coils, aluminum pattern plates, etc. These aluminum materials The products have excellent quality and performance, and are widely used in construction, transportation, aerospace, electronics and other industries. We have a wide range of aluminum products, including plates, strips, rods, etc., to meet the needs of different customers. We will display various processing forms and application cases of aluminum, and show the audience the excellent performance and broad application prospects of aluminum in different fields.

In addition, we will also display the aluminum processing equipment produced by Joda, including aluminum rod rolling mill, aluminum coil casting and rolling mill, cold rolling mill, stamping and other equipment. These devices are characterized by high efficiency, precision and stability, and can provide comprehensive solutions for aluminum processing. Our technical team will demonstrate the operation of the equipment on site, provide professional technical consultation and answers, and provide customers with customized processing solutions.

At the exhibition, we will also display the latest technology and achievements of electrolytic aluminum equipment. Electrolytic aluminum is an important link in the aluminum industry. We will display high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and intelligent electrolytic aluminum equipment to meet the market's demand for high-quality aluminum products. Our electrolytic aluminum equipment has advanced control systems and highly automated production processes, which can improve production efficiency and product quality while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Participating in China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition is an important opportunity for our company to expand the market and strengthen cooperation. We look forward to in-depth exchanges with peer companies, suppliers and potential customers, discuss cooperation opportunities, and jointly promote the development and progress of the aluminum industry.

If you are interested in our aluminum products, aluminum processing equipment and electrolytic aluminum equipment, welcome to visit our booth, booth number: 2L38, and learn more about our products and solutions. You can also visit our official website ( for more information.

About (Joda)  Joda is an expert enterprise focusing on the aluminum industry, dedicated to providing high-quality aluminum materials, aluminum processing equipment and electrolytic aluminum equipment. Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience and expertise in the aluminum industry through continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence. Our products and solutions are widely used in construction, transportation, aerospace, electronics and other industries, and have won high recognition and trust from customers. We will continue to be committed to technological innovation and quality improvement to provide customers with better products and services.