Introduction of Joda aluminum plate

2022-08-05 15:23:38

Aluminum plate is a kind of rectangular plate processed from aluminum ingots. Its application range is very wide. It can be used for lighting, home appliances and furniture in daily life, and can also be used for indoor decoration. It can also be used in the industrial field. Machining of mechanical parts and making of molds.

Classification of aluminum plate
Aluminum plate can be divided into pure aluminum plate and aluminum alloy aluminum plate according to the aluminum content.

The aluminum content of pure aluminum plate can reach 99.6%, which is the most aluminum plate in aluminum plate, and pure aluminum plate does not contain other elements, and the price is relatively cheap compared with other types of aluminum plate.

Aluminum alloy aluminum plate is mainly composed of alloy elements, and its aluminum content is far less than that of pure aluminum plate, but it has some special properties and can be used in special environments, such as aerospace equipment or ships.

Aluminum plates can be divided into thin aluminum plates, conventional aluminum plates, medium-thick aluminum plates, and thick aluminum plates according to their thickness.

The thickness of the aluminum plate is respectively the type of aluminum plate. The thickness of thin aluminum plate is between 0.15-2.0 mm; the thickness of conventional aluminum plate is between 20.-6.0 mm; the thickness of medium and thick aluminum plate is between 6.0-25.0 mm; the thickness of thick aluminum plate is between 25-200 mm; 200 mm The above aluminum plate belongs to the super thick plate.