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This month, people will celebrate a traditional festival—Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. In this day, family members usually congregate and enjoy the full moon and eat moon cakes which stand for a happiness reunion.

About its origins, there are many different stories. As other Chinese traditional festival, Mid-Autumn Festival also has a long history. It probably began as a harvest festival. People offered sacrifices to gods or ancestors in ancient times in autumn. But with its development, Mid-Autumn Festival became an important festival which consisted of many old customs, myths, legends, and other traditional cultures. And the most famous story is Chang E flying to the moon.
According to legend, there were ten suns in the sky which made people hard to live. A young man called Hou yi was good at archery and decided to save them. Thus he ascended up to the peak of Kunlun Mountain and shot down nine suns. Later, he was respected by people as a hero and married a pretty lady called Chang E.
One day, on his way to meet a friend in Kunlun Mountain, Hou yi came across the Heavenly Empress. Because Hou yi wanted to live a happy life forever with his wife, he asked the Heavenly Empress to give him some elixir. It is said the drug dose can immediately go to heaven immortal. However, the drug dose was only enough for one person. Hou yi was reluctant to leave his wife alone on the earth. So he gave the elixir to Chang E to keep it.  
Three days later, Hou yi went out hunting, Peng meng pretended illness and stayed. No sooner as Hou yi left his home, Peng meng knocked into the courtyard, wielded sword and threatened Chang E to give him the elixir. Chang E had no choose and swallowed the elixir herself. After that, her body immediately floated off the ground, out of the window, flew to the sky. Chang E decided to live on the moon because it is neatest to the earth. Though in the moon, Chang E never forget the deep love between her and Houyi. And now, Chang E also called as the Goddess of the moon.
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