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Zhengzhou Joda Technology co., LTD receives Egyptian customers to visit

2018-12-28 16:37
From 24 to 25 December 2018 Zhengzhou Joda Technology received Egyptian EHG customers to visit. The visitors were mainly product engineers of the EHG company. The purpose of the visit was to inspect the aluminum circles production line and product quality, and to discuss technical information, packaging details and quotations.
EHG is a manufacturer of all kinds of cookwares, including aluminum pans, non-stick cookwares and other household products. The company's products are mainly sold to Europe, Africa and Middle East countries. According to the client, in order to further expand the international market, they opened factories in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Ethiopia. It has now become the largest manufacturer of household products in Egypt and the Middle East.
Zhengzhou Joda Technology co., LTD receives Egyptian customers

On the morning of December 25, accompanied by our business manager the customers arrived at the factory and visited our aluminum discs production line.
During the visit, the customer mainly inspected the surface of the aluminum circles and confirm whether there are oil stains, scratches, unpleasant smells, etc. After seeing that our products and production workshops are very clean, our customers recognize the quality of our products. After that, we brought the customer to the finished product area of the warehouse. The customer checked the packaging details of the aluminum discs and took photos, indicating that the package for subsequent cooperation can refer to this standard. Finally, they visited the sample area, and the customer took away 2 samples of the O temper and 2 samples of the H22. Samples of aluminum circles with thickness of 2.5mm are cutted and mailed to customers.
Zhengzhou Joda Technology co., LTD receives Egyptian customers to visit

Then in the conference room, we give specific quotations for the products that our customers need and for their different application areas. The customer was very satisfied with this visit and said that he would give specific feedback after the sample test. And look forward to future cooperation with Joda.
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