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UAE Customers Visit "Joda" Factory

2018-10-19 17:06
October 19, 2018. Customers from the UAE came to us and visited the Joda factory.

Customers from the United Arab Emirates have shown great interest in these products, such as fully automatic hydraulic Jacking Frame, vacuum ladles, Anode Jacking System, Point Feeder And Crust Breaker. Both sides had an in-depth discussion on electrolysis technology and reached the intention of purchase. Visitors invite our technical experts to visit their factory for technical exchanges.

At the meeting, representatives from our side also shared our successful examples of applications in and abroad and customer feedback and evaluation. UAE customers are impressed with the strength and integrity of Joda, their rich practical experience and reliable professionalism.

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum electrolysis equipments in China, Zhengzhou Joda Technology co., LTD has the confidence and capacity to provide high-quality products, Undertake Various Machining & Welding OEM for the world.